Tattoo Removals - Who said Tattoo's last forever?
Tattoo Removal Auckland
Our team here live and breathe tattoo removal because quite simply, tattoo removal is all we do, making us New Zealand's leading laser tattoo removal clinic.   
Don't waste your time and money having to have an excessive amount of sessions with an old, outdated laser, used for multiple cosmetic procedures when you can come to the team at Tattoo Removals, where we guarantee to remove your tattoo 60-70% faster than our Kiwi competitors and with less pain!

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide our valued clients with the latest, leading edge laser technology to ensure the best results every time! Our lasers are used for one thing and one thing only, and that is effective and fast tattoo removal. In some cases we have removed 90% of black ink in as little as just one session!

Worried about pain? Relax, You shouldn't be... An added benefit of having a removal session at Tattoo Removals is that we use a PAIN MANAGEMENT machine, meaning we get the ink off faster and with less pain. Check out our pain management machine here.

When you come in to Tattoo Removals, having a tattoo removed is no longer an excruciating and traumatic experience. Give us a call or email today for a no obligation chat and or quote :)

It's simple, we get the ink off faster and with less pain!